How Do I Meet People?

Freeport Full Gospel Assembly provides the ideal atmosphere and opportunity. If you are a loner, we will invest the time and energy to encourage you to become a team player. Our ministry is organized on the team concept, where every member is important to the success of the team. Age is not a problem here at Freeport Full Gospel Assembly, whether you are four to ninety four there is a place here for you to be involved, to meet others, to serve and to grow.


Sunday School

Outside the preaching services themselves, the teaching, visiting and soul-winning ministry of the Sunday School though often overlooked, is absolutely important to the success of any ministry. Here, anybody and everybody can belong. The importance of Sunday School cannot be stressed too much. Here at Freeport Full Gospel Assembly in order to reach the four to ninety four age group, we have classes under the following categories: Beginners – Ages four and five, Primary – grades one to three, Junior – grades four to six, Teens – grades seven to nine, Youth – grades ten to  twelve and the Adults.


Women’s Group

Freeport Full Gospel Assembly Women’s Group affords the ladies of our church family special times of fellowship among themselves. They take pride in naming the group “Women of Purpose”. They are a very important team in the Church Ministry. The group meets every second Monday in the month to discuss the needs of women, to challenge each other to spiritual maturity and to equip their members for service in the ministry and in the community. All the ladies of the Church are encouraged to involved in this ministry.


Men’s Group

The purpose of the Men’s Group is to develop men to Christlike maturity and to equip them to become Spiritual Leaders in their families, Church, work and Communities. The group meets once per month for prayer and bible study and go once per year on men’s retreat. On some occasions the meetings are held in the brethren’s homes and the men are given the opportunity to discuss issues confronting men in today’s society.


Nursing Home Ministry

Every third Sunday in the month the Nursing Home ministry group visits a Nursing Home in the community to minister in songs and to bring a message of encouragement  to the residences. There is also room for others to be involved in this rewarding  ministry.


Evangelism Group

This group focuses on reaching the unsaved with the good news of salvation through house to house visitation and tract distribution.


Decorating Committee 

On Special Christian holidays and Church occasions, the men and women of the Decorating Committee are responsible to decorate and beautify the Sanctuary and our Carlton Phillips Fellowship Hall.


Entertainment Committee

As the name suggests, this group is charged with the responsibility on special occasions to make arrangements for food and refreshments for our invited guest and members.



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